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Friday at Trial (10/18): Phase Two of the Oil Spill Trial Comes to an End

10/18/2013 3:20 PM CT

BP and Anadarko finished their case-in-chief with the conclusion of the testimony of Adrian E. Johnson, Ph.D., a mechanical engineer in the field of understanding, analyzing and modeling the hydraulic behavior of oil and gas production and pipeline systems. After proffering additional deposition bundles (consisting of deposition testimony and designations as well as general and specific objections to testimony and exhibits) to the Court, BP and Anadarko rested their case.

The United then began its rebuttal case by calling Leif Larsen, Ph.D., Senior Reservoir Engineer with Kappa Engineering and an Adjunct Professor in Reservoir Engineering at the University in Stavanger, Norway. Dr. Larsen is an expert in well test analysis and was offered as a rebuttal expert witness to BP’s expert witness Alain Gringarten. After Dr. Larsen testified and was cross-examined by lawyers for BP, the United States called Jean-Claude Roegiers, Ph.D., an expert in geomechanics. Dr. Roegiers was offered as a rebuttal expert witness to BP’s expert witness Dr. Robert Zimmerman on the issue of uniaxial pore volume compressibility.

Following the lunch break, Dr. Roegiers’ testimony was completed, and the United States called its final witness, Alan R. Huffman, Ph.D. Dr. Huffman was offered for rebuttal testimony on the issue of interpreting seismic log and core data from the Macondo well. After Dr. Huffman’s testimony was completed, the United States rested its rebuttal case.

Like in the Phase One trial, the Court decided that instead of hearing closing arguments, the parties would submit post-trial briefs. Although there is no briefing schedule in place yet, the due date will likely be 45 to 60 days from today. Once those briefs are filed, you can access them under the Court Filings tab on this site. Finally, the Court noted that the penalty phase of the trial has not yet been scheduled. If the Court decides a penalty phase is necessary, it would likely be sometime in the coming Spring.

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The parties have retained expert witnesses, each of whom has specialized knowledge and expertise concerning various aspects of the case. Each expert witness has prepared a formal Report, which will be offered in evidence and constitute, in essence, the expert's direct testimony. Expert witnesses will also testify live at trial to explain and supplement their report. Click on the Expert Reports link to access expert reports offered in evidence. Visual Aids used by experts during their trial testimony will be accessible via the Visuals link.

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